Sara Clayton — UX Designer based in Seattle

MSW - Employee Portal

Worked with Microsoft’s internal communications team and used the Microsoft Web Framework for this project.

RoleUX Designer DateJanuary 2017
ForRedesigning MSW, the internal portal used by Microsoft employees worldwide.
MSW is the employee portal for Microsoft, visited by approximately one million Microsoft employees and contractors per month. This site acts as a tool for people to find all things Microsoft-related, including events around campus, daily Microsoft news, and more. For this project, we worked with the internal communications team. Based on analytics from ClickTale, we found that over 50% of first-page traffic goes to the search bar. While it's great that employees know where to go to search for something, the team wanted to change visitors' behavior and have them explore the site more, instead of going directly to the search bar. Problem: Employees are not taking full advantage of all of the content that the employee portal has to offer because employees currently use the portal more as a search engine instead of a holistic resource to read news and learn about events and happenings at Microsoft.

Limitations: SharePoint as a CMS has a lot of technical limitations, so introducing new widgets to the platform was difficult. The team also wanted us to use the content that was already available instead of starting from scratch.
Working alongside our senior designer, the two of us worked at a quick and productive pace, delivering to the dev team early. The new design of the employee portal went live to all Microsoft employees worldwide in January 2017. Extensive publicity was done throughout the headquarters in Redmond. Results: Two months after the project's completion, first-page traffic to the search bar dropped about 10% while overall page engagement has increased, including clicks below the fold.

Learnings: This was a great team to work with - both our execution and communication with stakeholders went smoothly. While it would have been nice if we could have worked with a more flexible CMS, as well as one that would work better with ClickTale, we did as good of a job as we could on this platform. Due to budget and time constraints, we weren't able to do as much user testing as I would've liked to have done.